Beyonce has released the first photo of the couple's 1-month-old boy-girl twins and confirmed their names are Sir and Rumi Carter.

By Lindsay Tigar

If your baby woke you up for a late-night feeding or you just had to check for monsters "one more time" under your toddler's bed, you might have scrolled through Instagram and discovered the epic news Beyonce posted around 1 a.m. last night. Though it's been rumored for a few weeks that Beyonce and JAY-Z had welcomed their twins, the couple officially confirmed the news via an image shared by Queen Bey herself, over on her Instagram page.

The photo might look mighty familiar to those who remember how she announced her pregnancy in February:

In the latest shot, the singer and now mom-of-three is adorned in a lavish, silky robe, complete with a blue veil, and looks straight at the camera as she holds two tiny babies. With the intensity in her eyes and the purple shade of her garment, she's not just Queen Bey here, she's Mama Queen Bey, protecting her little ones.

In addition to attempting to break Instagram—with more than 7.5 million likes (and counting)—the twosome also confirmed the twins' rumored names: Sir and Rumi Carter. TMZ first reported on these speculated monikers, claiming the pair filed documents to secure the names on June 26. TMZ also explained the possible meaning behind these unusual names: 'Rumi' to honor a Persian poet, and 'Sir' as a token from one of his most famous poems: "Bring the pure wine of/love and freedom./But sir, a tornado is coming./More wine, we'll teach this storm/A thing or two about whirling."

And just how old are they? According to Bey's caption, the twins were born a month ago today, making their birthday June 14.

While we may not have all the details surrounding how these two little ones came into the world, we're pretty positive of one thing: Just zoom in on the twin on the right and you'll have no doubt that JAY-Z is the proud papa—little Sir has a mug that perfectly matches his father's.

Keep those photos coming, Bey!



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