Other than the obligatory trip to Disney, a tour of the White House is on most families' dream vacation list. But unlike a visit to the Mouse's house, seeing this iconic home up close and personal requires more than deep pockets. Before you can even enter 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, your invitation must be cleared and submitted by one of your Congressional reps. In other words, like most things in government, you'll have to jump through some hoops -- and that's without stepping foot in the inner sanctum of the Oval Office and meeting the Commander-in-Chief.

Which is why I can't stop laughing at a series of photos -- first spotted on -- showing kids in the White House being, well, kids: Whispering in Mom's ear that yeah, meeting President Obama is cool and all, but he also really wants to visit Bo Obama, the dog. Leading the leader of the free world on a madcap run around the office. Gnawing on a fist while sitting on the floor near POTUS' feet. Eyeing up a big bowl of apples while Dad shakes hands with his boss. Covering the First Lady's face with stickers. Or, my favorite, dramatically diving head-first into the presidential sofa while Dad and Mom enjoy their two minutes with the most powerful man in the country (see below).

See Kids Being Kids -- in the White House 25451

As delightful as these photos are, what stuck with me was how perfectly they captured what it is to be (and raise) a child. After all, the only thing predictable about children is their unpredictability. That holds true at home, on a play date or -- as these kids show -- even in the Oval Office.

Tell us: Has your baby inadvertently put you in an embarrassing social situation? How did you respond?

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Photo of child in the Oval Office courtesy of Lawrence Jackson via the White House's Flickr