After suffering a torn pec, the Jane the Virgin star posted a sweet video of himself doing pushups with his 2-year-old Maiya on his back.

By Maressa Brown
July 02, 2017

You already knew that Justin Baldoni is the proudest papa of his 2-year-old Maiya. The Jane the Virgin actor has also made it clear on social media that he truly can't wait for the arrival of baby #2 with his wife Emily Foxler Baldoni! Now, he's taken to Instagram to show how fatherhood is also helping him get fit again after suffering a chest injury.

"After a 2 1/2 month recovery from a torn pec- this was the best way ever to finish my first chest workout. It's amazing how we take for granted our mobility," Baldoni wrote, alongside the sweet video, in which Maiya holds tightly to her dad's back while he does a few pushups. "I've never been so grateful to be able to do a push-up in my life!! It's true… we don't know what we have until it's gone. What are some of the little things that you are grateful for? (Thanks @trainerfletch /@humangaragela for capturing this moment! ) #JB30DayChallenge #grateful #fitness #daddy#dearmaiya #bestkissever #redefiningmasculinity."

So, so cute! And so happy to see he's on the mend, with a little help from his baby girl. Can't get enough of Baldoni's adorable moments with his growing family. Just last month, he shared an emotional gender reveal with Emily and Maiya and wrote a beautiful letter to his next L.O. -- a boy!

Judging from those sweet posts and this most recent video, there are even more heartwarming moments from the Baldoni crew on the way.

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