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See a Mom's Emotional Reaction When Her 1-Year-Old Hears for the First Time

When Anna Esler's daughter Ayla heard for the first time ever, she broke down in happy tears.

Baby Ear Closeup Africa Studio/Shutterstock

A mom from Amarillo, Texas named Anna Esler and her baby girl, Ayla are making national headlines after an emotional video of the 1-year-old hearing for the first time went viral this week. The beautiful moment happened on Tuesday, June 19 after the little girl, who was born deaf, underwent a four-hour surgery, in which a doctor at Cook Children's Hospital implanted a cochlear device in both of Ayla’s ears.

“We like to have kids early, because when we do that, we find that those kids aren't delayed in speech, language, and learning and they compete with all their other hearing peers,” Cook Children’s Hospital audiologist Lisa Christensen said, according to FOX9.

And after the operation, one of the first things Ayla heard was her mother crying, shedding tears of joy. “When I saw her happy and dancing and responding to sound for the first time in her life I just lost it because we've been waiting a long time for that,” Anna Esler said.

The viral video captured that incredibly poignant moment.

Soon thereafter, the little girl's father also sang to her. “She calmed down this morning when I was singing to her,” Will Esler told FOX9. “It was pretty special.”

Anna shared that say although they know she'll be a bit delayed, after "a year of no hearing," she's already making progress.

In a joint statement, the proud parents emphasized that "being deaf isn’t bad, it’s just different," sharing how they were preparing for the possibility that Ayla wouldn't hear. "We had to let go of some things, like her knowing the sound of our voices, the sound of music, the sound of laughter," they said. "We had to prepare ourselves to see her enjoy those things in a different way, through the vibration of them, to 'hear' with her eyes. When we found out that cochlear implants were an option for her, sound became a reality for her again, and we are so grateful for that. ... We really couldn’t be more thankful for the new opportunities our little girl has thanks to everyone in her life."