Congratulations to the newest parents in Hollywood!

By Melissa Willets
February 08, 2016
Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale
Credit: Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Congratulations to Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale! The celebrity couple has welcomed a son, the actor confirmed during a recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, during which he looked, well, as exhausted as a brand-new parent should.

"I had a baby on Monday, yes," the famously private Ant-Man star told Colbert. He admitted, "You know, I didn't do anything. We [men] don't do anything and I'm so tired. I think I've gained 28 pounds since Monday. I mean, I'm not kidding you. Like, this jacket fit so well, like, last Thursday. But I've been eating so much."

Yeah, I get the food for fuel thing. I'd probably be zonked out at my computer right now if it weren't for almonds and chocolate! But at least Cannavale knows it was Byrne who did all the work!

The Neighbors star, who is one of my personal favorites, never publicly commented on her pregnancy, letting her burgeoning bump do the talking for her. We heard she was feeling great toward the end from a source, but that's about it!

So it's not surprising we don't know much about the new baby, only that his name is Rocco, and he, um, maybe was named after Saint Rocco. "Actually, yeah, patron saint of the sick...pretty sure. Could be wrong. I'm tired," the new dad joked.

Cannavale simply said about Rocco that the baby "is doing great."

Here's hoping the adorable new parents get some sleep. But don't count on it, guys. As a mom of three, I can tell you sleep will never be the same once you're a parent. My youngest is 2 years old, and I'm still so tired sometimes I can barely finish a sentence. The good news? It's so, so worth it.

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