Remembering Robin Williams and How He Made Babies Laugh

To my parents, he's the "nanoo nanooo"-spouting Mork from Ork. To my friend, he's the salty comic whose Evening at the Met special remains one of the most important influences of his childhood. To me, he's forever O Captain! My Captain!

However you remember Robin Williams, my guess is that your sadness over his tragic death this week is mixed with some smiles, too. I know mine is. And that was part of his magic -- he could leave anyone (even babies!) in stitches. He stole the show as Genie in Aladdin, but among the roles where I think he shone the brightest were his regular guest appearances on Sesame Street. He made his debut on the show in 1990 and stopped by many more times to play with the fuzzy friends. Whether he was watering his loafer, showing Elmo the possibilities of a stick, or arguing with the Two-Headed Monster in perfect monster-gibberish, the comedic genius knew how to get his pint-sized audiences giggling.

Right now, the details of his passing are being leaked and parsed over in the most public of ways, and I fear the focus is shifting away from what he did best to how he chose to end his life. (It's information best kept private, I think.) And anyway, I'd much rather remember him as they do on the Street: as a funny friend who made us laugh.

Here are some of our favorite Robin Williams moments:

Conflict (Sesame Street)

What to Do With a Stick (Sesame Street)

"A Friend Like Me" (Aladdin)

Tell us: What's your favorite Robin Williams movie or TV show?

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Image of Robin Williams courtesy of Sesame Street via Twitter 

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