By Lisa Milbrand
June 10, 2014

My husband (an awesome dad!) regularly gripes about how dads are portrayed in the media. And he has a point—it seems like the media image of dads hasn't progressed beyond the "doofus dad" mode, even after a major diaper brand took the heat for insulting dads by showing them as completely incompetent when it comes to diaper changing. (Heck, even manly-man actor Channing Tatum spent a good part of an interview crowing about his diaper-changing prowess!)

Maybe there are pockets of these retro, hands-off dads out there, but all the dads I know and love are thoroughly involved in their kids' lives—spending hours crafting Lego creations with their kiddos, taking late-night sick duty, and yes, changing diapers.

Dove and Today both surveyed moms and dads to get a sense of the current state of fatherhood. The Today survey found that 75 percent of guys thought being a dad was their most important job, and more than half of the guys said they'd become a stay-at-home dad if they could afford it. (Though only 54 percent of guys said they change diapers—what gives?!?)

Dove's research focused on dads' media image, and it turns out, most guys are not entirely pleased with how they're portrayed. While more than 75 percent of guys out there feel that they're responsible for their children's well-being, only 20 percent of guys feel like the media shows that aspect of their lives.

And I love Dove's shout-out to the dads out there (have some tissues handy, and a phone to call your own dad).

Tell us: How does your husband rate as a dad? Is he super helpful, or are you the one doing most of the diaper changing and late-night duty?

image: Dad and baby, by milosljubicic/


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