These babies are so dang cute, you'd never guess they were born under very scary circumstances.

Credit: leialauren/Instagram

Meet Leia and Lauren, two adorable twin sisters from Singapore who are delighting the Internet with their own Instagram account. The girls are called the "Momo Twins," but this is more than just a cute nickname. Short for Monoamniotic-Monochorionic, "MoMo" twins are identical twins that share the same amniotic sac.

"It is an extremely high-risk pregnancy. Therefore, they were delivered two months premature (not many realized that they are actually preemies)," their dad Peter Lok explained to in an email. In fact, this condition is so rare, it happens in just 1 percent of twin pregnancies.

But the now-chubby darlings have come a long way from the day they were born weighing around three pounds each. Leia and Lauren are now 8 months old—and total hams! Peter and mom Amber Yong have chronicled their growth through the Instagram account, but not with just any old photos. Each one is adorably curated to show the twins wearing coordinating outfits and costumes.

My personal favorite is the one of Leia and Lauren dressed as mermaids. But honestly, each shot is cuter than the last.

Peter says the account has grown from its original intent: "We started using Instagram as a medium to document their growing journey and it was a perfect platform to share these [photos] with our friends, family and like-minded parents who want updates." Now the girls have 160,000 followers!

So how do Amber and Peter come up with new ideas for entertaining their growing audience? "We try as much as possible to snap daily pictures now, and on average we take about five to six pictures a week. The photoshoots are usually taken at home after their nap time. Brainstorming sessions usually happens together, though most times, ideas come rather impromptu!" the girls' dad says.

Well, keep it up, guys! Leia and Lauren are getting cuter by the day!

Which photo do you like best?

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