Pure Joy! Baby Girl Gets New Glasses & Can't Stop Smiling

This 3-month-old's new glasses let her see her mama's face clearly for the very first time, and her reaction is simply heartwarming.

There's nothing quite like putting on a pair of glasses for the very first time and watching your whole world suddenly come into focus, so it's no wonder this adorable little girl in this feel-good video can't stop smiling!

According to the caption on YouTube, the little cutie's name is Tilly, and the poor thing has suffered from problems with her eyesight since the day she was born. Which is why at 3 months old, her parents gifted her with a precious pair of pink specs, then filmed her reaction as her mama slipped them over her head.

"Here we are, Tilly just got glasses," Dad says somewhere off screen as mom leans in to adjust the frames. "It's her first time trying them on."

A big smile then spreads across Tilly's face—did we mention she's dressed in a cute pink ensemble that perfectly matches her new frames?—as she looks up at her mama, probably seeing her clearly for the first time ever.

"Hi baby girl," Mom says with an excited giggle. "Do you like them?"

In response, Tilly rewards her with a full-on open-mouthed grin coupled with an adorably gleeful coo.

Too sweet!

"I think she likes them," Dad then laughs, stating the obvious.

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The clip was filmed back in December 2015 (hence the Christmas decorations in the background) but has recently resurfaced online, and it's not hard to see why. It's a pretty amazing moment, and Tilly's sheer joy in discovering her mom's face is completely infectious. She just can't seem to stop smiling—and neither can we!

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