Brooklyn Decker's epic Twitter rant recounts a travel nightmare involving a delayed flight and breast pumping.

By Melissa Willets
April 29, 2016
Credit: George Pimentel / Getty Images

Model, actress, and new mom Brooklyn Decker took to Twitter to vent about a very frustrating experience she had recently when she left her 6-month-old son Hank overnight for the first time. Hint: It involved airplane travel and a breast pump.

"First time leaving baby. It's only 1 night & doesn't make sense to fly him back & forth. I'm a mess. Moms: booze is my only solution, right?" the star, who is married to pro tennis player Andy Roddick, tweeted on Wednesday.

But separation anxiety was just the beginning of Decker's saga. Soon she tweeted this update: "2 mechanical delays. Told we could de-plane. I did. Pumped in the bathroom. Returned 15 min later. Flight closed. Deeeeep breaths."

Roddick took to Twitter in support of his wife. "Awesome @Delta! 2 hour delay so she has to get off to pump. You give passengers permission to get off and then leave," he wrote.

Decker was far from done with her rant, tweeting, "WHO LETS PASSENGERS OFF, THEN CLOSES THE GATE SHORTLY AFTER?!? *GULPS WINE* MISSES BABY *SOBS*" She later added more details about what had transpired, writing, "Me: run to pump because we're already delayed almost 2 hours. I pump in bathroom. Return to gate. Plane is there.. 'Sorry. Gates closed.'"

"And I repeat-this is the FIRST TIME leaving my baby. I don't know why I'm sharing all of this. I'm just livid. And tweeting. Whilst drinking," Decker later tweeted. The star then mused about how as moms, we try to do it all, but it's not easy. She also shared that she de-boarded the plane to pump to avoid offending the guy next to her! "But why? He probably sucked a boob too," she wrote.

Oh, Brooklyn, I so feel your pain when it comes to trying to do it all. Then sometimes you feel like it's all for nothing; like when you go pump in the bathroom and your plane leaves without you. So brutal! Here's hoping you got to hold your sweet baby boy very soon after this awful incident. Baby snuggles solve everything, after all.

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and a mom. Follow her on Twitter (@Spitupnsuburbs), where she chronicles her love of exercising and drinking coffee, but never simultaneously.

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