By Lisa Milbrand
April 09, 2014
Prince George has arrived for his very first public engagement in Wellington, New Zealand 25311

The royal baby had his first official playdate yesterday—as 10 babies in New Zealand who were born within a few weeks of Prince George were invited to a little get-together at Government House, where the the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are staying during their royal visit. So what happens on a royal playdate? Prince George apparently behaved like most babies in that situation—playing with toys and his mom's hair—though he did apparently grab the hand of one lucky little lady!

Of course, like most playdates for babies, it's really a playdate for the parents—and the lucky parents who were chosen got to chat with the royal couple about the sleepless nights, teething and other common issues.

I was really lucky that one of my BFFs has a son just six weeks younger than my oldest, so we commiserated a lot during those early years (and actually—we still do today, now that we're on to the tween years with them). We have pictures of them on the baby swings on their very first playdate, and that's one of my very favorite memories of my daughter's babyhood—just hanging out at the park, drinking Starbucks and talking about the crazy ride of parenthood. And nearly nine years later, my daughter and her son are still best buddies, too!

I wonder if Kate Middleton has that kind of camaraderie—I think it would be extremely lonely to be without those new mom friends to lean on when you're sleep deprived, stressed, and trying to keep your baby from putting her fingers in the sockets.

Tell me about your baby's first playdate! Do you still hang out with the new mom friends you made early on? (And is your kid still friends with their kids?)

Image: Prince George by Mirrorpix/Splash News