Prince George and Princess Charlotte 25751

The photos, showing Prince George lovingly cuddling his little sister, and even giving her a sweet peck on the forehead, were released on twitter. The first one, right, had the simple message, "We're delighted to share the first photo of Prince George with his little sister Princess Charlotte" and was quickly followed by another tweet explaining that the photo was taken by Duchess Kate in mid-May. An hour later, another tweet revealed three more adorable photos.

Clearly, in addition to her ability to look absolutely flawless after giving birth, the Duchess has some pretty solid photography skills, too. As any mom (or professional photographer, for that matter) can tell you, wrangling a toddler and newborn to sit still, stay clean, and smile pretty for the camera is no easy feat. And while it is easy to assume that Kate probably had some help, that may not be the case, as a family spokesman told People that the pictures were taken at Anmer Hall, the couple's country home, "during private family time."

Princess Charlotte and Prince George 25752

Kate and Will seem about as down to earth as Royals could possibly be, and the way they introduce their children to the world is the same way many of us do to our own friends—via family-snapped photos. (Remember those early pictures of the couple with Prince George? They were taken by Kate's dad.) It's pretty cool that the first official photos of the Princess with her big brother are ones that were taken by her mum. Well done, Kate!

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Photos: Twitter/@KensingtonRoyal