The singer took to Instagram to show fans and followers how she celebrates being "almost done with pumping." 

By Maressa Brown

Pink may be a huge pop star, but she's still a mom who appreciates a post-pumping treat. The 38-year-old mom of two took to Instagram on Sunday, October 29 to share that she was almost done pumping and had a yummy reward all lined up.

“When you’re almost done pumping and you know what’s next,” she captioned the celebratory selfie.

Plenty of pumping moms could relate, obviously, earning the post more than 268K likes and counting. "Pumping mamas rock," one commenter wrote. Another said, "Yassss! We all deserve a nice drink here and there. Pump pump pump!” And of course, fans had to pay tribute to some relevant Pink lyrics: “So raise your glass!” Love it!

Pink's post is a reminder that moms who want to enjoy a bit of celebratory imbibing don't need to pump and dump. You can pump and then drink! Also, research published in the journal Basic & Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology notes that the amount of alcohol in your milk closely emulates your blood alcohol level, so all you need to do is wait until the alcohol has been processed through your system, and you've sobered up.

Looks like a couple days after Pink got her own personal happy hour on, she had quite the festive Halloween celebration with her family, taking to Instagram again to share a shot of the foursome in their pirate costumes.

There's no denying that Pink is one mama who knows how to have a good time!


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