Baby Jameson channels superstar belter Adele in an adorable wailing Instagram post.

By Libby Ryan

Pink's Instagram is killing it lately, from precious parties to odes to her fellow singer mamas. In the most recent, son Jameson Moon was rocking a play on a quote from one of Adele's major hits. The tiny onsie read, "Hello, it's me. I must have cried a thousand times."

The parody lyrics, from Adele's "Hello", match the little guy's screaming face. Apparently, Pink's four-week-old with husband Carey Hart is quite the crier.

It's a big change from the peaceful photos the star posted in previous weeks, when Jameson snuggled with new big sis Willow—who we know is thrilled to welcome her new sibling into the family. In a sweet show of togetherness, Pink even threw a special party for her daughter to mark her new role as big sister.

We see a lot of sibling sing-alongs in this family's future. You don't get a better entry into the music world than being raised by one boss lady and wearing the words of another. And is it too much to hope that these two amazing mamas would team up for the ultimate power ballad duet?

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