These are the images one family will cherish forever of their beautiful baby boy with his twin sister.

By Melissa Willets
January 13, 2017

The Sunday before Christmas, Ohio-based photographer Lindsey Brown received a phone call asking if she could squeeze in a last-minute session. Brown was swamped with other requests, but there was no way she could say "no" when she learned about this family's story. Lyndsay and Matthew Brentlinger had just welcomed twins, but one of the babies was not expected to survive for very long.

Credit: Lindsey Brown Photography

"Mom and Dad were told around her 20 week ultrasound that William's heart hadn't fully developed, and that he would most likely be stillborn; his prognosis was bleak. Their little girl, Reagan, was perfect," Brown wrote in a blog post on her website.

But William was not stillborn. Instead, the Brentlingers got to bring him home, where Brown photographed the beautiful baby boy and his sister. "He looked absolutely perfect. Perhaps that's why it's that much harder, because he looked like perfection," Brown wrote.

Credit: Lindsey Brown Photography

"My experience was very bittersweet and wonderful," Brown told about photographing this brave family. "The parents are some of the strongest people I've ever met. They were very upbeat and treated both babies the same, and acted as if nothing was wrong the entire time. I really think they were just trying to soak up every minute they had with their sweet boy."

Brentlinger told the Huffington Post about her time with her son, "We snuggled him, loved him, read to him, and in general just enjoyed him."

Credit: Lindsey Brown Photography

Sadly, baby William only lived for 11 days. He made it through Christmas, but passed away on December 28.

"I'm just so happy that the parents will have these photos for the rest of their lives, and to show sweet Reagan as she grows older," Brown said. "The fact that she'll be able to look at these photos while she learns all about her big brother is priceless."

Credit: Lindsey Brown Photography

Brentlinger told the Huffington Post about showing the photos to her daughter when she's older, "I will use them to tell her about her brother who is now her angel in heaven."

Read more of the twins' story on Lindsey Brown Photography's site, and see more photos from the session on her Facebook page.

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