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Photographer Recreates 'Harry Potter' Newborn Shoot for the Baby's First Birthday

Just when we thought nothing could be more magical than a Harry Potter newborn shoot, the photographer recreates it for the same baby's first birthday. 

Photographer Recreates Newborn's Harry Potter Shoot For Baby's 1st Birthday

You're never too young to join the Potter-verse. Need proof? See: A little girl named Quinn—aka "Quinny Potter," the baby girl who posed for a Harry Potter-themed newborn photo shoot last year. 

As magical as the newborn's photos were, the photographer behind them decided to up the ante recently: British Columbia-based photographer Katie Tanner recreated the newborn shoot by celebrating Quinn's first birthday with another Harry Potter-themed shoot.

harry-potter-baby-shoot Katie Tanner
A wizard hat, a wand, a scroll full of spells—they all appear in the cute photos. 

"Quinn's mom Danielle has been one of my friends for a long time, knowing she was a very big Harry Potter fan I wanted to do something a little special for Quinn's newborn session, so I had some of the props specially made and Danielle brought some as well," Tanner told in an emailed statement.

harry-potter-baby-shoot Katie Tanner 
The newborn session was such a hit, Tanner decided to recreate it when Quinn turned one. "The portrait of newborn 'Quinny Potter' got a lot of great response, Once her first birthday started creeping up I thought it would be so cute to see the growth in one short year by having her pose in the exact same setup," she said.

Harry-potter-baby-shoot Katie Tanner
The mother/photographer team worked together to recreate the scene (Quinn's mom, Danielle, sat right outside the frame to keep her baby safe, according to Tanner) twice. They even used the same props from one shoot to the next!

harry-potter-baby-shoot Katie Tanner

The only difference, of course, is how much bigger Quinn looks in the first birthday photos. Pretty magical, right?