Babies dressed up as Disney Villains?! Belly Beautiful Portraits photographer Karen Marie keeps giving the people what they want.  

By Lauren Pardee
November 01, 2017

Halloween is officially over, but we couldn't think of a better way to close out the season then by checking out pictures of just a few more adorable babies in Disney costumes—and for that, we can thank photographer Karen Marie of Belly Beautiful Portraits.

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Marie is no stranger to fulfilling all our Disney baby-cuteness needs—the photographer gained notoriety last July when she released a photo series of babies dressed as Disney princesses which was followed by a second shoot featuring even more famous princesses. (No surprises here: Disney media brand Babble recruited Marie to create the devilishly sweet, newborn Disney villains shoot.)

With complete creative control from the brands, Marie says, "I was really able to push my limits in this last session. We originally casted 6 characters but I like to overachieve and did 8."

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We'll let the images speak for themselves, but itty bitty Captain Hook, Ursula, and Cruella de Vil are doing a number on these villains' evil street cred.

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As effortless as these shots look, the swoon-worthy shoot was a labor of love for Marie and her team. According to Babble, Sew Trendy Accessories are the masterminds behind the stunning costumes, while the felt characters were custom-made by Off My Hook. But Marie proved her true professionalism and craftiness by explaining to us all that she puts into the shoot:

"I created all the sets myself. Ursula’s cauldron was made from foam gravestones from the Halloween store and cut up into triangles and glued to a wood kitchen tray then painted. Gaston and Jafars chairs were made out of foam and then covered with fabrics. I remember it being 2 am the day of the shoot and I was up painting the heart box from Snow White for the evil queen set."

As far as inspiration goes, some characters came to her quicker than others. "For my inspiration, I sometimes have to watch the movie again and find my favorite part for that particular character. Although with Ursula, I didn’t need to do that. The Little Mermaid had been a movie I have watched over and over since I was 8! I knew exactly what set I needed for her. Then I draw out a set and go shopping!"

Marie may have her hands full these days—she typed up answers to our interview questions with a newborn in her arms—but we hope she's not too busy to brainstorm her next photo shoot idea. We can't wait to see what project she inspires us with next!

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