If you're looking for nursery decor ideas, let "Greenery"—Pantone's 2017 Color of the Year—inspire you!

By Jessica Hartshorn
December 09, 2016

“Greenery” has just been announced as Pantone’s 2017 color of the year, and if you're looking for nursery decor ideas, it just may be the perfect shade. It’s a bright, gender-neutral yellowy green that easily works for either a boy or girl—and it feels modern and much less cliché than last year’s pink and blue. (Sorry, “rose quartz” and “serenity.”) “Greenery” fits in with many popular nursery themes right now. Take a look at these five fresh ways to use it in your baby's nursery:

Colorful Cribs

Looking at this $200 Stuva crib from IKEA and its matching storage system is giving us green-nursery fever.

Pantone Color of the Year Greenery Room

Desert Garden

We’re seeing cactus and succulents pop up on bedding and baby clothes, and we love it. Calling it “desert” is not quite right, but we’re not sure if “the California garden I wish I had” is really a theme. At any rate, the 2017 Pantone shade fits right in with this vibe.

Desert Garden Cactus Pillow And Baby In Crib


Melissa Fluhr, cofounder of, confirms that a woodland theme is still hugely popular, given our love of all things natural, organic, and cute. Trees, adorable creatures like hedgehogs and foxes and owls, plus “little camper” motifs are still everywhere, and we’re definitely not complaining.

This Nature Trail crib set from Land of Nod is (but of course) made of organic cotton.

Woodland Tree Blanket and Leaves Chandelier


Muted, painterly prints are an interior-design craze and create a dreamy effect in the nursery. Green shades lend themselves well to the watercolor concept!

Check out this wallpaper from Anewall, shown here in baby-shower mode, but we can totally see it behind a white or gray crib. The unframed wall poster is a bargain at Target.

Watercolors Green Wallpaper and Good Vibes Only Poster


All right, this is taking “greenery” pretty literally, and also skewing toward girls. But florals are big, and Pantone’s 2017 shade is nice and leafy.

Florals Rose Crib Mattress Cover And Create Happiness Sign

Jessica Hartshorn, Senior Lifestyle Editor at Fit Pregnancy and Baby, has fun creating a nursery theme for the last page of every issue of the magazine.

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