These natural, skin-safe diapers have Pampers leak protection. 

Pampers Pure Collection
Credit: Courtesy of Pampers

It wasn’t until Pampers scientist Sara Giovanni had twin girls of her own that she realized there wasn’t a brand of diapers or wipes that fulfilled her needs as a mother—not even the one she worked for. We all know Pampers prides themselves on their protection, but Giovanni was looking for a more natural product that wouldn’t compromise on practicality. With the resources to give her children the best, Giovanni created the Pampers Pure Collection of natural diapers and wipes for the mom who believes less is more.

Sara Giovanni and her twin daughters
Credit: Courtesy of Pampers

Like other natural diapers brands available, the Pampers Pure Collection features premium cotton and plant-based materials, without any chlorine bleaching, fragrance, lotion, parabens, or natural rubber latex. Plus, these diapers have the leakages protection that Pampers is known for—Pampers fans, rejoice!

Pampers Pure Baby Diaper
Credit: Courtesy of Pampers

Like all moms, Giovanni cared about keeping her children dry and safe from chemicals. “In other categories, I typically go after the more naturally inspired products—less is more is sort of my motto," Giovanni told "Of course, I am going to use Pampers because I know it has the best protection but I was sort of tempted [to try a natural brand]. It was kind of like a dirty little secret.”

Instead, she took her idea of a natural diaper with Pampers protection and style straight to the office after maternity leave.

”When I came back to work I was talking to other co-workers who were young moms and dads and was realizing that I was tempted to try some other products that weren't Pampers," she said. "I was like, we can do better."

Pampers Pure Diapers
Credit: Courtesy of Pampers

Reviewed and accredited as skin safe by the Skin Health Alliance, Pampers Pure Protection diapers are the best of both worlds for moms like Giovanni. (Not to mention they are cute with multiple animal prints to choose from.) The wipes are just as promising—designed as Pampers’ highest water content wipe, they are crafted with 99 percent pure water and a touch of premium cotton.

Pampers Babies
Credit: Courtesy of Pampers

The Pampers Pure Protection diapers will be available at major retailers nationwide soon and will come in sizes N through 5 for $11.99. Pampers Aqua Pure wipes will be available for $5.97.

Pampers Sleeping Baby
Credit: Courtesy of Pampers

“I think it's a really nice option if you're a mom that is like me," Giovanni explained. "You want that really good protection, that is really important to you, but then you also like this more naturally inspired type stuff that fits with your lifestyle. It's not for everyone, necessarily, but for the moms that are looking for something like that, it is the perfect fit."