This organization brings military families and communities together to celebrate their newborns.

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Credit: Courtesy of Coyne PR and Operation Shower

Picture your first seconds of motherhood—an indescribable moment full of bliss and love. Now imagine bringing your child home for the first time and discovering your spouse is being deployed for those crucial first months of your newborn's life. Mental, emotional, and often financial stresses—along with going it alone when their partners are deployed—are a part of the many sacrifices parents in military families make for our country. That's what inspired the foundation Operation Shower, which works to create a community of support around these brave women and men, by hosting baby showers for military families across the country. Their most recent event celebrated 50 expecting military moms and dads in Foxborough, MA.

Operation Shower Families

Trusted diaper rash brand, Boudreaux’s Butt Paste partnered with Operation Shower for the event, hosted by parenting lifestyle expert, Rosie Pope, a longtime supporter of the Operation Shower cause. “A year ago the Chief Officer LeAnn Morrissey contacted me and asked me to host an event. I was so moved by the experience, I do them whenever I can,” Pope said with pride. “What might be shocking to a lot of people is that a lot of military families who are welcoming kids into the world do not have enough financial support to buy all the things they need, from diapers to strollers. Operation Shower makes sure that families have what they need to take their babies home from the hospital and look after them.”

The Operation Shower family keeps growing as celebrities, corporations, volunteers, and military moms put together each event. “In looking for opportunities where we could reach out and help people, and looking for something where we could help their babies, this non-profit really rose to the top as a tremendous way to give back,” said Carol Bishop, director of Pediatrics, Cough, Cold and Household at Prestige Brand, which makes Boudreaux’s Butt Paste products.

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Credit: Courtesy of Coyne PR and Operation Shower

At the shower, families bonded over baby games, tasty treats, extravagant place settings, and the generous gifts they received to relieve some of the pressure of preparing for their new arrivals. The ‘Over the Moon’ theme was integrated into every inch of the venue giving the parents the feel of a beautiful, authentic, baby shower.

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Credit: Courtesy of Coyne PR and Operation Shower

“I think that the most rewarding part of these showers is meeting the families. It is an in-person event, so you get to tell them that you appreciate them, wish them well with their babies, connect them with other moms in similar situations, and get to see the joy on their faces. Everyone deserves a baby shower, so we are super happy to be able to do that for them,” said Morrissey.

If you are interested in learning more about Operation Shower or getting involved in helping military families around the country you can learn more at Bourdeaux's Butt Paste encourages military families to post a fun photo of their military baby with the hashtag #ButtPasteSalutesOffers for a chance to win a full-size brand sample and branded items! To learn more about this promotion visit