If you're a breastfeeding mama, your pumpkin carving concept has just arrived!


I'm always looking for a clever riff on the same old pumpkin carving ideas. And if you're in the same boat, your ship may have just come in. I give you the 'pump'kin, a bright orange monument to breastfeeding—with a pump on one tomato breast, and a baby pumpkin on the other.

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The 'pump'kin is the brainchild of Taylor Rose Tignor, a mom of two in Virginia who advocates for breastfeeding. "I have this passion for breastfeeding because it is just such pure and naural bond between my children and I," she told Parents.com. "So i wanted to express my love for it."

The 'pump'kin has gone viral, with thousands of people weighing in on her creativity. "I never expected to touch so many people with this," she says. "The feedback has been incredible. Women everywhere have seemed to love it!"

Tignor created the pumpkin in the hopes of encouraging other mamas to give breastfeeding a go. "For all you breastfeeding mamas out there, don't be afraid to express yourself," she says. "We are doing what is natural for our children and ourselves, and there is no reason we should ever be ashamed of it."

Anyone else planning a pumping 'pump'kin for their front steps this Halloween?