One Seattle mom ended up delivering baby number 4 in a car—but not before her frantic husband was pulled over by police for erratic driving.
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Back when I was taking a birthing class, our instructor asked, "What's your biggest fear about childbirth?" The obviously pain topped everyone's list, but the runner-up was not making it to the hospital in time to give birth. Considering we were all living in the middle of Manhattan, that pretty much would have meant delivering baby in the backseat of a cab (with the meter running, no doubt!) or on the floor of the subway with hundreds of strangers watching. Yikes! Our instructor brushed off the idea, reassuring us that it mostly happens in the movies.

She was wrong.

If this summer has shown us anything, it's that when it comes to labor and delivery, sometimes life imitates Hollywood. Already we've read about a few babies born on the road, including the Texas mama who gave birth in the passenger seat of her car while her husband captured the whole thing on his GoPro. This past Sunday morning, a woman in Seattle also ended up delivering a baby in the car—but not before her frantic husband was pulled over by the police for whizzing through red lights and stop signs.

When the cops working the graveyard shift approached the car (check out the full dash cam video), it was obvious this traffic stop would be anything but typical. In a viral video captured by the cops' dashcam, the dad-to-be explained he was rushing his laboring wife to the hospital so she could deliver their fourth child. The police officer, to his credit, stayed perfectly calm, calling the ambulance and even asking about the time between contractions. About three minutes later, we hear a pained "Oh my god, the baby is coming out!" from the mom, then the cries of her newborn daughter. <chills>

According to Seattle PD, the baby had difficulty breathing, so quick-thinking Officer Anthony Reynolds helped clear her airway so she could breathe. An ambulance arrived soon after and took the mom and baby to the hospital. Both are reportedly in stable condition.

Later, the unnamed father sent the police officers a thank you note, saying in part, "I was surprised and deeply touched by the compassion of Officer Reynolds. He stayed with us during the entire time and went above and beyond to ensure the safety of my wife and newborn child. Our baby is very healthy and arrived in the hospital in stable condition. All of my family and friends would like to thank the Seattle Police Department for their strong code of ethics. You have helped deliver a precious gift and we are so grateful. I wanted to thank SPD for all their support."

No word on whether the dad ever got that ticket. Congratulations to the family on their newest arrival!

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