Breastfeeding is a messy business -- just ask new mom Jennifer Love Hewitt.

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September 04, 2015
Jennifer Love Hewitt Twitter Image
Credit: Jennifer Love Hewitt/Twitter

Breastfeeding is a lot of things: rewarding, difficult, tedious and, yes, a primo chance to bond with baby. But let's be honest, it can also be crazy messy. Now, is misdirected milk as tough as other nursing woes, like cracked nipples or mastitis or supply issues? No, but it's annoying. I should know. I nursed for a full year and, despite my best efforts, managed to stain nearly all of my t-shirts with errant sprays and leaks. And please don't ask about the state of my poor nursing bras, which I practically burned the day after my child broke up with boobs.

But we can take some comfort in the fact that breastfeeding mishaps happen to all of us, even celebrities. The latest to spill the beans on a funny breast milk–moment? Mom of two Jennifer Love Hewitt. On Tuesday, the actress headed out to her first business lunch since giving birth to son Atticus James in June. She was wearing a pretty silk jumpsuit and (probably) feeling like a million bucks. But at some point in the meeting, she realized she was leaking right through her top.

Veteran mama she is, Hewitt took the mishap in stride. "Had to buy scarf for dignified exit. #hotelgiftshop #mommylife," she tweeted. She also posted a selfie showing the newly bought scarf draped strategically around her neck—and a triumphant smile lighting up her face.

Well played, JLH. Well played.

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