The baby products brand just launched their new “Cute But Deadly” pattern, inspired by World of Warcraft’s murloc characters.

By Maressa Brown
August 15, 2018

Parents who are also fans of World of Warcraft, get pumped! Award-winning baby carrier maker LILLEbaby has partnered with Blizzard Entertainment to release a "Cute But Deadly" design that's inspired by "murlocs"—ancient, amphibious creatures that are beloved by World of Warcraft players throughout Azeroth.

The pattern is available in LILLEbaby's award-winning COMPLETE™ All Seasons carrier, COMPLETE™ Original carrier, and a doll carrier.

World of Warcraft has captured the imagination of millions of players across the globe,” says Erin Dwyer, Chief Marketing Officer, LÍLLÉbaby. “The Cute But Deadly print for our carriers gives baby wearers who are also World of Warcraft players another fun way to express themselves. We even included a D-ring for parents who may want to baby wear at conventions—the perfect place to attach your badge and complete a family cosplay!”


The COMPLETE All Seasons and COMPLETE Original baby carriers—which range in price from $160 to $170—offer six carrying positions, so parents can be as comfy as they are stylin'. Meanwhile, the doll carrier is $35.

Although the partnership may raise some eyebrows among those who aren't WoW fans, Matt Beecher, VP of consumer products at Blizzard Entertainment explained in a statement: "Our players have a unique and very profound connection with the World of Warcraft universe, and we love seeing them express their passion while out in the real world. We’re excited to partner with LILLEbaby, because they craft epic gear that meets the needs of young Horde—and Alliance—champions in training."

No doubt plenty of players-turned-parents are going to be psyched to rock these new carriers. All products are now available at,, and other retailers.