We need so much more of what this Olive Garden waiter served up for one overwhelmed mama.

By Melissa Willets
July 26, 2016

An Arkansas mom's touching story about how an Olive Garden waiter stepped in to help her during an especially stressful day has gone viral. Since Dallas French posted the story to Facebook on July 24, it has been shared close to 30,000 times and garnered over 150,000 reactions!

According to ABC 7 San Francisco, French's 4-month-old daughter Ellee had just tested positive for E. coli at a nearby hospital. "She was starving and I was trying to make a bottle and spilled it all over me [and] the floor," French wrote in her post. She was making another bottle when, she writes, "our waiter (wish I knew his name) watched all that had happened and just had brought our salad and bread sticks and said here let me feed her and you eat."

Sometimes, that's just what you need. An extra hand, a moment to yourself, a moment to think, or eat, or just breath. Wow, I so feel this mom's gratitude. She writes, "This melted all of us and this is what we need more of!"

Then French shares how the waiter fed Ellee so she could eat her salad and bread sticks. "That milk on the floor got cleaned up after we left because he just understood!" she says. "He didn't even know what we had went through that day and showed us love [and] understanding- not irritated that I had made a mess [and] my baby was screaming."

French has since learned her saviour's name is Rob Davis. Hey Rob, way to go! Because seriously, it would have been so easy to roll your eyes, or look the other way in this situation. Instead, you turned things around for one overwhelmed mama, and made a lot more of us smile. Here's hoping your simple act of kindness will inspire others.

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and a mom. Follow her on Twitter (@Spitupnsuburbs), where she chronicles her love of exercising and drinking coffee, but never simultaneously.

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