Nikki Reed flashed a photo of herself at a recent event...and breastfeeding moms will relate when they see who (or, uh, what) she took as her second date.

By Zara Husaini Hanawalt
October 16, 2017

Nikki Reed may be happily married (have you seen how cute she and husband Ian Somerhalder are together?), but the actress recently took another date to an event...and let's just say most breastfeeding moms have been in her shoes.

The new mama, who welcomed baby girl Bodhi Soleil about three months ago, stopped by Variety's Power of Women luncheon. Her husband was along for the ride, but Reed also had another date on her arm (or, rather, her boob). Breastfeeding mamas, you know what we're talking about here: The couple's third wheel was, of course, her breast pump.​

We are so here for this #ParentingIRL moment. Reed may have been dressed to kill for the event, but every mama knows this to be true: Sometimes mama life isn't so glamorous, and you just might need to pump even when you're heading to a fancy event and wearing a pretty dress. Reed also presented at the event, and she just proved that moms routinely juggle the duties of motherhood alongside such major responsibilities and honors. It's not an easy balancing act, but man, do we appreciate the strength moms exhibit every single day.

We don't always see raw, unfiltered looks at early motherhood, and we applaud the former Fit Pregnancy and Baby cover girl for showing it like it is. Nursing moms, tell us: What's the most unexpected pumping story you have?

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