A Nebraska dad arranged an adorable hospital room proposal for his girlfriend, with their newborn son in on the surprise.
newborn baby proposes
Credit: Susan Medina/Facebook

Brand spankin' new Nebraska dad Darick Mead found the most adorable way ever to propose to his girlfriend Susan Medina. Medina had just given birth to the couple's first son, Ryder, and the video of the sweet surprise moment is now in the process of winning over the Internet.

Admittedly, Mead's planned proposal got off to a slightly rocky start, when as he told ABC News, Ryder's delivery did not go as planned. "She was in labor for over 17 hours and she pushed for two-and-a-half hours. Three epidurals later and... Ryder was born via emergency C-section."

So although Mead had hoped to ask Medina to be his wife on his son's birthday, he wisely waited until the next day to give the new mama a minute!

The details of how he pulled off the big moment are beyond cute. Mead had a friend help him get a onesie that read, "Mommy, will you marry my daddy?"

Then, the proud papa told Medina that the nurses wanted to check Ryder outside her room, and luckily, she went along with it. Mead used the private moment to change his newborn son into the onesie. When he brought the baby back into the room, he told Medina the nurses had wanted him to practice a diaper change.

But as friends and family reached for their cell phones to immortalize the new dad's big diaper-changing moment, they captured a proposal instead.

It's so sweet to see Medina realize she is about to be asked for her hand in marriage. She kinda just crumbles. And we get it: Those postpartum hormones are no joke!

"I don't even remember what exactly I was feeling," the soon-to-be bride and new mom told ABC about watching Mead get down on one knee. "I just know that I started crying out of nowhere." She adds she had no idea her boyfriend had planned to propose to her that day.

Well done, boys!

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