No time to cook after you welcome your baby? No problem. This meal delivery service—which caters to postpartum women—has you covered. 

By Zara Husaini Hanawalt
July 25, 2017
postpartum meal delivery
Credit: MaMeal Delivery

It's no secret that motherhood doesn't exactly you afford you much time to take care of yourself. Between feeding, bathing and comforting your baby, well...the demands of parenthood don't always make it easy for mamas to prepare healthy, tasty meals for themselves. 

Just ask Matura Suksai. "I have two young children and know all too well how overwhelming the initial postpartum period is," Suksai told Parents. "Today, there is an underlying misconception that new moms must bounce back immediately; many mothers feel an immense pressure to 'do it all' shortly after this monumental experience of giving birth."

But Suksai decided to do something that would make it easier for new moms to get their hands on nutrition-packed meals, no grocery run required: She founded MaMeal, a meal delivery service that specifically addresses postpartum women and their nutritional needs.

MaMeal offers three meal types: "Stay Fit Mom" offers healthy meals for mamas looking to watch their weight; "Nursing Mom" meals are packed with nutrients breastfeeding moms need; and The "Chinese Postpartum" plan follows "zuo yuezi" principles.

"I was inspired by the founding principles of an ancient Chinese postpartum practice, which prioritizes the healing of new mothers. The tradition of 'zuo yuezi,' which translates to 'sit the month,' asks postpartum women to rest and take the time to recover. In this practice, the woman’s support system assists them by providing nutritious meals to warm their body from the act of childbirth," Suksai said. "I realized that women need to prioritize this time period for themselves; when you’re running on little to no sleep, making a simple meal for yourself can become the greatest of challenges! I came up with the concept of a meal delivery service designed exclusively for these new moms with the hope that they can find more time to heal. In checking cooking nutrient-rich meals off of her list, MaMeal gives mom more time to rest and recover."

That postpartum period can wreak havoc on a new mom's eating habits—but it shouldn't. After all, it's so important for parents to maintain their own health in order to best care for their children and be great role models. And while the number on the scale really doesn't matter in that time, mamas who want to shed some body weight are certainly not best served by hitting the drive-through for every meal.

That's why MaMeal's appeal doesn't just lie in the convenience factor of having meals delivered regularly—it's also worth praising the company's commitment to giving new moms the healthiest meals possible.

"We hope to fill our dishes with as many colors and antioxidants we can! We collaborate with a specialist in herbal Chinese medicine, especially for ingredients that can support a milk supply for nursing mothers. Many of our dishes draw inspiration from Asian cuisine, especially in our zuo yuezi plan. The zuo yuezi practice asks mothers to consume certain foods like ginger, chicken, and pumpkin in order to 'warm' the body following childbirth, which is a time that the body is vulnerable to being 'cold.' Each of our meals includes an herbal caffeine-free tea. Tea is renowned for its health benefits and therapeutic properties, making it an excellent choice for postpartum women," Sukaii explained.

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As of right now, MaMeal delivers to women in and around Chicago, but look out for an expansion. Chicago-based mamas have several options: They can choose plans that deliver three, five or seven days worth of meals a week.

Would you want a meal delivery service as a new mama?