Must-Watch: This Dad's Dramatic Reenactment Video of His Baby Insisting to Be Held

This dad's hilarious video of multitasking while constantly holding his baby daughter is all of us.

Holding your baby is an oxytocin-producing rush of bliss—until you've been toting them around for what feels like days because every time you try to lay their adorable sleeping nugget-body down, they start shrieking. This is perfectly illustrated in a viral video from second-time dad La Guardia Cross who depicts the struggle to function as a human—you know, going to the bathroom, getting dressed, etc.—with a newborn baby who insists on being held 24/7.

My favorite part has to be Cross in the shower with his nipples blurred out. I mean, genius, right? And the look on papa's face in that shot is everything.

Since the video was posted six days ago, it has had 16,000 views at time of writing and more than 2,000 thumbs-ups on YouTube, and, perhaps most impressively, it's only received nine thumbs-downs—how rare to have so few haters on social media!

Cross, dad creator of the New Father Chronicles web series on YouTube, is no stranger to making hilarious videos about parenthood. He started filming in 2014 after his first daughter Amalah, now 2, was born. Now his second daughter Nayely, born in May, is starring as the newborn while Amalah is providing toddler cuteness.

The latest video, titled "I Thought I Wanted a Daddy's Girl," is obviously a dramatic reenactment of what is happening IRL in the Cross household. From dad's "I-got-this" bravado to his wife and daughter bolting from the house faster than you can say "Later, fool!" to his fictional driving-while-baby-holding arrest, it's a funny commentary on how far parents will go to avoid a baby's crying fit.

"Nayely usually waits zero to two minutes to begin crying after being put down," Cross told "Putting her down is also a great way to wake her up, which is never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever our intention. She's an arm baby, all I need is a velcro onesie."

Though Amalah was an arm baby, too, Cross says Nayely has her beat. "Funny enough, Amalah used to scream bloody murder when you changed her diaper," Cross adds. "After a few weeks, Nayely became 100 percent at peace when you change her diaper. There we go—I found the one time she's ok with being put down during the day: diaper changes. Luckily, Nayely knocks out at night, so putting her down is not a problem then."

What crazy things have you done while holding your baby because they insist on being in your arms?


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