Move Over, Kim Kardashian! North West Is the Real Snapchat Star

Kimye's little girl has a starring role in her mama Kim Kardashian's Snapchat pics.

There's been rumors for months that Kim Kardashian-West was getting ready to join Snapchat. And now that she finally has, it's clear who the real star in the family is: daughter North.

First, Kim posted a pic of North in her PJs with the caption "Best Dressed" and a trophy image.


Then she let us know that, unlike everyone else in her camera-ready fam, North is not a fan of the spotlight.


Nevertheless, Kim kept at it. And over the weekend, we were treated to a video of the adorable little 2½-year-old rocking a flouncy red tutu while swinging upside down under a desk.


"That's a tough workout," Kim narrates.

We also get to see Miss North throwing some serious shade her mama's way from the backseat, while she and Kanye were up front rocking out to the radio in the car:


"I see you there," Kim laughs.

Later, she added a snap of a stuffed kitty cat that North—decked out in full Disney princess regalia, fuzzy pink unicorn slippers, and trendy braids just like her mama's—had apparently given a makeover to:


"She thinks she's a makeup artist," Kim said, while the theme song from The Little Mermaid played in the background.

Oh, Kim. Maybe you really are just like all us other moms!

But is that cat wearing roller skates? And where can we score that awesome furry pink phone?

Hollee Actman Becker is a freelance writer, blogger, and a mom. Check out her website for more.


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