This mom's video hilariously shows the difference between dropping off her first child at Grandma's vs. her third.

By Melissa Willets
May 05, 2016
leaving baby video
Credit: Bunmi Laditan/Facebook

Mom Bunmi Laditan has nailed the differences between leaving your first child for the night and dropping off your third.

"I made a video after dropping off my son at my mother-in-law's house. I've noticed how shady I am leaving him vs. how paranoid I was with my oldest daughter. Sorry son. Mommy loves you," she captioned a hilarious Facebook video that shows just how much the mom has chilled out over the years.

In the clip, which has been viewed more than 3.5 million times, we see Bunmi wearing her first child in a carrier in Grandma's foyer, getting ready to say goodbye.

"Oh, you're wearing the pastels I sent you, thank you!" she says, adding she finds pastels really soothe the baby. She's micromanaging every aspect of the care, from how loudly grandma can talk around the baby, to what the baby can eat (um, which is basically nothing that isn't organic). Mom has even packed a special, orthodontic sippy cup! And 14 changes of clothes, for just 24 hours.

My favorite moment is when Bunmi says she's packed the crib, which they can just reassemble at Grandma's house. And I love how she instructs her mother-in-law to avoid screen time with her baby, even from windows with a particularly strong reflection. She's also going to check the smoke alarm before she leaves; don't forget the list of people she wants Grandma to avoid!

Wait! The baby is coughing! "We may have to cancel this whole thing," Bunmi says, ultimately deciding to stay.

Fast forward to kid #3, and Bunmi isn't even getting out of the car to drop him off at her mother-in-law's house. "FYI all he's had to eat today is chocolate chips so you might want to feed him," she says by way of instructions, adding she'd prefer no more than 18 hours a day of screen time.

"If you guys want to go anywhere, I picked up a car seat for you. It was in a house fire, but it's fine," she explains. Oh, and her son has a cough that's pretty contagious, but whatevs! And if there's an emergency, 911 is the number to call, because her phone is going to be off.

Hysterical. Um, is it bad to admit I'm much more like a mom of a first baby, even with my third? I've only ever left the kids with my parents for one night, and I pretty much stared at my phone the entire night in case someone needed me. Maybe by kid #4 I'll be ready to shut my phone off for the night? Or at least remove the kids' geo-linked tracking anklets...

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