She was trying to make cookies in the shape of a number 1 for her son's first birthday, but the end result was more bachelorette than baby party.

By Melissa Willets
May 30, 2017

Sometimes the best-laid plans, well, don't go according to plan. Such was the case when one mom tried to make "1"-shaped cookies for her baby's first birthday.

"I don't think they came out right," the woman's husband wrote as a caption to a photo of the accidentally-pornographic baked goods, which he posted to Reddit.

Yup, although his wife intended for the cookies to celebrate her little one's big milestone birthday, they ended up resembling, well, something you'd be more likely to see at a bachelorette party.

Reddit was instantly delighted by the super-relatable baking fail.

"Technically, they do look like '1's. We're all just overly perverted," pointed out one commenter. But another said the greenish-blue-hued phallic cookies must belong to the Incredible Hulk.

Another commenter rightly noted about the 1-year-old child being celebrated: "Considering he's too young to know, this probably isn't a problem."

And the adults can get a good laugh in! Meanwhile, as you can imagine, many of the other comments are too racy to post here!

In the end, I think more than anything, all parents can relate to a parenting fail moment like this one. I remember once I tried making a cake for my daughter, and it ended up with a giant crater in the middle. Good thing it tasted better than it looked.

Have you ever suffered from a baking or other parenting fail similar to this mom's?

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