People are really upset about what they see in the photo Kim Kardashian posted on Facebook of her son Saint in his car seat.
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Can't a mother just post a cute photo of her kid without the "mommy police" judging her? Apparently not, and especially not if you're Kim Kardashian West, who has been slammed for everything from wanting a pricey push present to eating her placenta to exercising maniacally in her killer post-baby workout.

Her latest transgression? Sharing a photo of 17-month-old son Saint in his car seat.

Sounds innocent enough, right? The celeb mama probably just thought her kiddo looked super cute sitting there in the back seat in his cool kicks with a Big Hero 6 sippy cup in his car seat cup holder. In fact, the Facebook post has 166,000 likes—including grandmomager Kris Jenner—and a whopping 1.7K comments.

But wait! Many commenters were quick to express outrage that little Saint was sitting in a forward-facing car seat, which appears to be one of Safety First's models with the Air Protect cushion system. Apparently they have access to his medical records and know for a fact that he isn't at least 40 pounds or 40 inches tall, which is what is legally required for a child to sit facing forward. Oh, wait, no they don't know that.

Yes, turning the car seat to front-facing too soon is a common mistake and one that should be avoided. It's critical to the safety of a toddler in a car accident. But there is no way anyone but Kim and those caring for Saint can know if the tyke has reached the recommended height or weight.

So, chill out, people! Don't you think Kim wants to keep her son safe, just like every other mom? She is probably following the car seat safety guidelines. And if you're worried she's not, then can't you share them with her kindly instead of getting all self-righteous and accusatory? We mamas have got to help each other, not tear each other down.