After this awesome mom from Missouri delivered her second child, her husband took to Facebook to write a heartwarming tribute.

By Maressa Brown

No matter how a mom gives birth, she deserves major props. But a mom from Missouri named Lauren Flaugher is making headlines for birthing her newborn son Finn last week, because the baby boy weighed in at 13 pounds! And Flaugher gave birth sans drugs.

The 29-year-old told People she was "in shock" when staff at Birth and Wellness Center, a freestanding birth center staffed by certified midwives, explained that Finn was actually "too big" to fit on the scale, which only goes up to 12 pounds. "I thought the scale was broken," Flaugher said. "But, turns out, Finn weighed 13 pounds at birth, so they had to bring in a bigger, digital scale. ... I could not believe it when they said he weighed 13 pounds. I thought they had misread the scale, I kept thinking, ‘This is not possible!’" Flaugher's husband Joe was equally surprised.

Although the little boy's birth weight is definitely a conversation-starter, it wasn't a cause for concern. “[The midwives] were never concerned about his weight after birth, his blood sugar was good and he wanted to nurse right away and frequently after birth," Flaugher explains.

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After the brave mama labored for 8.5 hours and pushed for 30 minutes, she and her husband welcomed their second child on May 3. To prep for the drug-free birth, Flaugher said she tried "not to think of it as painful, but intense. And it was really intense — I felt very aware of what was happening to my body.” So incredible.

Now that Finn is 3 weeks old, he's up to 14 pounds, 2 ounces. The Flaughers are endlessly proud of their little boy, and Joe is also proudly declaring how much love he has for his birth warrior wife. Check out the sweet Facebook post he shared publicly late last week.

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Yes, how 'bout a round of applause for Lauren Flaugher — and congrats to this happy family of four!



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