Getting a baby to take medicine is rarely easy—but one mom's simple trick is going viral. It's simple but it's totally genius!

By Zara Husaini Hanawalt

When Helena Lee's baby was sick, the mom encountered a pretty common issue: Her son, Alfie, needed medicine—but when she tried to give him some, she realized just how difficult this mama move can be.

"So for the last 24hours ive struggled to get alfie to take calpol, he has ended up covered in half of it where he spits it at me," Lee wrote in a Facebook post that has since gone viral.

Relatable, right?

But Lee quickly remembered an old trick: She added a bit of Calpol to a syringe that comes free with the medication, then inserted the syringe into the nipple of her baby's bottle...and it worked like a charm!

Lee shared that "not one bit got wasted" and there "no tears" from her baby.

"I decided to share [this hack] mainly because I guessed that if I'd struggled and never seen the trick before a few weeks previously, then a lot of my

 probably hadn't either," Lee, who is a nurse, told

But the mother never expected the hack to go viral. I'm completely overwhelmed by the response," she admitted. "I literally shared for my personal friends—I never expected it to get shared that amount of times let alone go viral like it has! I've had some mums personally messaging me thanking me for sharing it because its helped them already."

We can't say we're surprised. This hack is pretty brilliant! Parents, will you be taking a cue from Lee and using this at home?