The ladies behind "The Pump and Dump Show" recently performed a hilarious song about the "joys" of feeding a fussy baby and it's SUPER relatable.

Feeding kids. It seems like a pretty easy process, right? You imagine spooning a little bit of whatever you're serving into your angelic child's mouth bite by bite. You probably envision the entire process taking 10 minutes, resulting in minimal cleanup and overall being a fairly smooth transaction.

That is, until you try it yourself.

Only then do you understand that feeding kids can be downright traumatic—an exercise in bargaining that leaves you covered in slop and at your wit's end. And if you think you're the only parent who feels like you've gone to war after giving your little ones' lunch,'re not.

The moms behind "The Pump and Dump Show" get it. The ladies are known for their irreverent riffs on parenting issues, and this particular song is no exception.

"Eat Your F**king Food" is a hilarious take on mealtime. Shayna Ferm, one of the moms behind the videos, wrote the lyrics, which include gems like: "You've made a mess/That you obviously can't clean 'cause you're a baby/And what I'm about to say sounds mean/But eat your f**king food/Go ahead and swallow what I made you/This ain't no f**king jar/I steamed, pureed and froze the sh*t I gave you."

Sounds a lot like a parent's internal monologue during mealtime, right?

This particular song actually has a long history, despite the fact that it's recently been making the rounds after Ferm performed it at a DC improv show. In fact, Ferm, who handles the music for "The Pump and Dump Show," told us it's one thing they perform every time she and and co-creator Tracey Tee perform.

"My kids are 19 months apart, so I had two under two and was just struggling like every mom with tiny people. It was just the biggest struggle," Ferm told Parents. "I wrote [the song] about five years ago, and it was just being in the throes of being in that really difficult time with your little ones. It actually helped me to kind of sing it in my head while I fed my children."

Fellow mamas—will you be singing this song to yourselves during mealtime from here on out? We sure wouldn't blame you...

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