Elisabeth Anderson-Sierra has found a philanthropic silver lining to her diagnosis of hyper lactation syndrome.

By Maressa Brown
February 01, 2018
Credit: Elisabeth Anderson-Sierra/YouCaring

A mom of two from Beaverton, Oregon spends hours a day pumping breast milk to donate to families in need everywhere, and now, she's proud to be able to help a baby in need in Puerto Rico. On her YouCaring page, Elisabeth Anderson-Sierra shares the story of Guardín Sosa, a widower and father of daughter Amaris and newborn son Joaquín, from San Juan. Joaquín's mother Maria Cristina passed away after "an incredibly difficult childbirth," leaving behind Sosa and his two children.

"Guardín is a father who is doing the best job possible for his children after the loss of his wife during a difficult childbirth," Anderson-Sierra writes. "He is doing what he believes his wife would want for their son. ... This means providing their son with breastmilk."

Heartbreakingly, this has cost Sosa $750 plus rush shipping costs for a week's worth of milk to be shipped from the U.S. mainland. Anderson-Sierra shares that that's actually a discount from the usual $1000.

"There are other lower cost options available to get more breastmilk to little Joaquín, including mine, but at this point assistance is needed for shipping costs and ensuring that the family’s freezer has power at all times," the Oregon mom explains. That's why she's created a fundraising campaign to help this proud dad and his little boy. "It takes a village, and even more so in this situation," she says. "This baby needs breastmilk until at least one year of age. Let’s make this happen!"

Anderson-Sierra previously explained to People what compells her to donate her breastmilk. “This is my way of being active in my community and giving back to humanity, and so it’s my labor of love,” she noted, sharing that she spends 10 hours a day pumping breast milk, packaging supplies and working with milk banks to pick up, vet and deliver her supplies. In addition to helping families like Guardín Sosa's, she donates her supply to local moms and milk banks, which then distribute the milk nationwide.

The 29-year-old's mission is not only applause-worthy but a cause worth supporting. Since publishing her YouCaring page on January 12, Anderson-Sierra has raised $1,541 of her $10,000 goal. Hopefully, as this moving story continues to make headlines, supporters will help the generous mom supply baby Joaquín with the nourishment he needs for months to come.

Visit Anderson-Sierra's YouCaring page to donate. All funds are directly deposited to Guardín for the ability to provide Joaquín with breastmilk.

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