This impressive mama creates costumes for her 8-month-old girls every day. Psst... how does she find the time?!?


A mom of three is having the most fun ever with Halloween month. Lauren Mancke, a self-declared "one of those creatives" is making costumes for her eight-month-old twin girls Lera and Merigold every day in October. And the results, are, well, adorbs.

Mancke takes her cue from pop culture mainstays to create the looks. She channels shows from Broad City to The Mary Tyler Moore Show and movies like Star Wars and A League of Their Own and let's just be honest: the twins rock every costume.

The South Carolina mama started her tradition of DIY costuming the heck out of October when her son Fox was a toddler. As Mancke, who chronicles her costuming on Instagram, told ABC News, "I was a first-time mom and I've always loved Halloween and making costumes. I thought, 'I want to make all these costumes but soon he's going to be old enough to pick [them out himself].'" She added, "It was trying to get all of my craftiness and ideas out of the way."

Ahem, for those of us who aren't crafty, we look forward to when our kids will choose their own Halloween looks. Or, we get all excited when we find out that moms like Mancke are giving away their creations, as she announced on Instagram.

BTW, it takes this impressive mama a few hours each morning to create the looks. And, genius tip: She photographs the twins right after a nap so they are cooperative.

We can't wait to see what she comes up with next!

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