The Missouri mom of three put her extra supply to charitable use.

By Maressa Brown
September 04, 2017
Breast milk in fridge
Credit: Jamie Grill/Getty Images

When Danielle M. Palmer, a mom of three from Owensville, Missouri, first heard about the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, she felt like all she could do was pray. But she soon decided to help in another way: by donating breast milk. 1,040 ounces of it to be exact!

Danielle M. Palmer with son breast milk donation
Credit: Danielle M. Palmer

St. Louis news station KMOV reports that Palmer's son's speech therapist, who is part of the organization Guiding Star Missouri, approached her about donating some of her extra breast milk.

"We gave 1,040 ounces and we figured that up, if a normal baby gets three ounces, that's 346 feedings," Palmer told the news station. The proud mom has been producing extra milk because her son "Truett has a congenital heart defect along with other underlying abnormalities," she explains. "For a big chunk of his life, he was unable to take my milk. Most of his nutrition came through IV."

While Palmer says she's overwhelmed by the encouragement she's received since her story made the news, she says it boils down to one simple thing for her: "I saw a need and knew it needed to be filled!" the mom of three told "If only one baby needed milk, it was worth sending it! ... Breastfeeding is hard, whether you pump or breastfeed. I exclusively pump and feed my son through his gastrostomy tube, but is still considered breastfed. Regardless, either breastmilk or formula a fed baby is BEST!"

The milk that Palmer donated is going to be given to moms who lost their frozen supply with the power outage of the storm, who lost their pumps in the flood, or any who are unable to produce for whatever reason -- but likely, and understandably, stress. "With breast feeding, stress plays a big role in your supply. If you become stressed, your supply will drop," Palmer told KMOV.

Palmer's milk will be transported to Dallas, and before distributing the milk to moms in need, Guiding Star will test it rigorously.

The mom's heartfelt story made its way to Breastfeeding Mama Talk's Instagram page where her friend was quoted as saying, ""How AMAZING is my friend Danielle M. Palmer?! She is sending 1,040 oz of 'liquid gold' to mamas and babies in need in HOUSTON!!!!! ... She is a mom of 3 boys and has the best heart. Yes it was tested and yes it was frozen! She's also an RN so she knows what she's doing when it comes to keeping it safe."

And when the Missouri mama put in her own words what it means to donate in this way, she hit the nail on the head. "We [moms] have each other’s backs," she told KMOV. "We take care of each other. Breastfeeding is hard. Whether you're pumping or feeding or however it may be, it's hard. And we are like momma bears. We protect one another."