Mom Gives Birth...One Hour After Finding Out She's Pregnant!

It sounds like a typical birth story: Mom learns she's pregnant. Mom gives birth later in the hospital.

Except in the case of Katherine Kropas, 23, she gave birth just one hour afterlearning she was pregnant (Wait, what???)

On Tuesday morning, Kropas experienced lower back pain and was admitted to a Massachusetts hospital, reports USA Today. Initial blood test results indicated she was at least five months pregnant with her boyfriend's baby. Although Kropas wasn't surprised about being pregnant, she was surprised about being pretty far along.

But the real surprise of her life was yet to happen. When getting an ultrasound, Kropas was told her cervix was dilated to 9 centimeters -- a sign she was ready to give birth! Kropas had an emergency C-section and about an hour later, Ellen Olivia Keefe, nicknamed Ellie, was born at 10 lbs.

When asked about her unexpected weight gain and pregnancy, Kropas shared, "I don't know why I didn't know. I mean, I'm just excited and I appreciate everyone who is helping."

Stories about women who give birth without realizing they're pregnant are rare but not new. In October, an Iowa mom experienced stomach pains before giving birth to a rare set of mono twins. In April, another Connecticut mom also experienced stomach pains...before unexpectedly giving birth to her second child. Yet another mom in Minnesota experienced back pain she thought was a result of her half-marathon training.Turns out she was experiencing pregnancy pain, and she gave birth to her third child. In fact, 1 in 25,000 women actually don't know they're pregnant until they go into labor!

Watch a news report about Kropas's birth below. Talk about an amazing birth story!

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Image: Newborn baby feet via Shutterstock

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