Mom Gives Birth to 14+ Pound Daughter!

How big was the brand new baby of Caroline and Bryan Ruscak? Bigger than some six-month-olds! Baby Carisa weighed in at a whopping 14.5 pounds (she was born via C-section, fortunately for Caroline). But she has a good reason for her massiveness—her mom is 5-foot-9, and her dad is 6-foot-6. Meaning she's definitely on her way to being a statuesque type herself!

Baby Carisa tied the record for the biggest baby born at Massachusetts General Hospital—another baby in 2002 hit that same size.

I can't even imagine a baby starting out at that size—my two daughters had barely hit that when we adopted them at 12 months old and 18 months old respectively. Looks like Carisa might have a career in basketball in her future!

Tell us: How big was your baby when you gave birth? Did your baby's size surprise you?

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Image: Newborn baby by Evgeny Atamanenko/

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