New Hampshire parents met their baby two months early after narrowly escaping a horrible car accident with their lives.
mother and baby after car crash
Credit: YouTube

New Hampshire mom Brittany Beaudoin is lucky to be alive, and so is her miracle baby, who was born two months early following a horrific car accident.

Video of the crash is hard to watch. The pregnant mother was actually ejected from the car after it flipped over. But she survived to give birth via emergency C-section just hours later.

It appears the car that ran Beaudoin and her husband off the road on their way home from a doctor's appointment was actually street racing. The new mom's father is incredulous, saying, "I just can't imagine racing on these streets out here." He adds that Beaudoin's husband Dennis said the car was coming at them faster, instead of trying to stop.

Watching the footage of, and hearing details of the crash were perhaps especially disturbing for me because I was in a car crash when I was 28-weeks pregnant with my first daughter. It was far less serious than this mom's accident, but still very scary. Of course, my first thought when a car hit mine was, "Is the baby okay?" Luckily, after several hours of monitoring in the hospital, doctors determined she was unharmed, and the pregnancy could continue.

As for this lucky New Hampshire family, following the emergency birth, both mother and baby—and father!—are doing well. Little Aiden needs some help breathing, and his parents have suffered broken bones, but they are very happy to be together, even if it is two months ahead of schedule.

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