A new mom's rainbow baby post on Instagram will resonate with anyone who has been in her shoes.

By Zara Husaini Hanawalt
October 03, 2017

The experience of expecting a rainbow baby is so complicated. On the one hand, there's nothing more beautiful than getting a second chance after undergoing a gutting loss. On the other, many people who have faced loss are understandably anxious about bringing a new life into this world after experiencing something as painful as a miscarriage or stillbirth.

It can be especially terrifying for women who have faced recurrent miscarriages. A woman named Clare just touched on the emotionally overwhelming experience of expecting and welcoming a rainbow baby, and her story and message bring up a really important point about how tough the experience can be.

Clare gave birth to her rainbow baby 17 weeks ago after suffering four miscarriages and one late loss.

"I was terrified during my pregnancy as I always assumed I'd be losing her at some point. The fear never left me and even at her birth I didn't think it would actually happen, having previously delivered a sleeping baby. Not until she was in our arms could I open my heart to believe," she wrote alongside a photo of her beautiful baby, Sophie Esme. "She is worth all the tears we've cried and are still crying because we still cannot believe she is real. We will always be grateful for how lucky we are to have her as we know not everyone gets their rainbow. "

Mothers who have welcomed rainbow babies—can you relate to what Clare said here? It's such a beautiful thing to finally reach that light at the end of the tunnel...but loss sticks with you forever, and we applaud this mom for sharing her story.