After this mama specifically said she didn't want a teacher to nurse her son, she was shocked to see her wishes were ignored.

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When you drop your child off with a babysitter or at daycare, you expect that you will be consulted about any and all decisions about his or her care. That's why one North Carolina mom is understandably enraged that a daycare worker allegedly breastfed her baby without her consent.

The moment a teacher she barely knew breastfed Kaycee Oxendine's constipated 3-month-old was captured on the child care center's surveillance video. Oxendine, who also works at the center as a pre-kindergarten teacher, was understandably shocked and angered, especially because she claims she was asked if she wanted the teacher to breastfeed her son and had refused—twice.

"She said that she had a (2-month-old) son and did I want her to put my child to her breast and breastfeed?" Oxendine recounted to WTVD, adding, "And I said no"

But video footage reveals that the teacher went against the mama's decision and breastfed her baby. Oxendine was heartbroken. "As a mom, you've taken something from me, because I wasn't able to defend my child. I wasn't there."

The teacher has since been let go, but this mama wants to press charges because she claims her son had a severe reaction. Since he was born prematurely and is lactose intolerant, she says, he got sick later that night, was throwing up, and had to be taken to the hospital.

"To me, a criminal act was committed against him. Not only did you put your breast to my son, you also made my son sick because he's lactose intolerant. So you've put something in his body that his body can't digest," she said.

Aside from the digestive issues this baby had following the unsolicited nursing session, I can't help but wonder: what if the teacher had a communicable disease? Chances are she meant well, but there are many reasons why this is just wrong, not the least of which is that Oxendine said no!

Meanwhile, it's worth mentioning there are benefits to the practice of cross-nursing. But never without a mother's consent.

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