This mom of two shared a photograph in which she's breastfeeding one baby...and formula-feeding another. And guess what? They're both healthy.


Many moms-to-be hear all the virtues of breastfeeding and swear they'll do whatever it takes to nourish their babies. They set breastfeeding goals for themselves, and they tell their families and friends that nothing will get in the way of exclusively breastfeeding their kids—no work schedule, no latch issues, no breastfeeding barrier. 

But it doesn't always work that way—while breastfeeding is a wonderful option, it isn't always the right option for a particular family. And that's ok! All that matters is that your kids are nourished, healthy and happy.

Maya Vorderstrasse, the mama who went viral for posing with cheeky signs that make hilarious points about pregnancy and parenthood, recently took a more serious approach on social media. The mom of two, who got pregnant just two months(!) after she delivered her eldest, just shared an image of herself feeding both her babies—one is being breastfed and the other is taking formula.

Now the mom breastfeeds her youngest and formula-feeds her older daughter.  "I decided to post the picture because as I was preparing her night bottle I remembered everything we went through, how much sleep I wasted worrying about bottle feeding her, and I realized that I could not possibly be the only woman who struggled with that," Vorderstrasse told "I wanted to help other mothers, because going through the 'not breastfeeding guilt' is not something easy and no hard working mother deserves that!"

This mom's advice for any other mamas out there who are struggling with breastfeeding or grappling with the guilt that may come when you stop nursing?

"When I first started bottle feeding her, I would hide myself mixing the bottle in public, because I was so ashamed. Everyone always has an opinion on how someone is parenting when in reality, the mother is the only one who knows the whole story and is the one who knows what is best for her child," she said. "[But] no matter how [you] decide to feed [your] baby, it's ok. When you love and care for them, that's all they need. They will never judge you for your decisions, all they want is to be fed and loved by their mother!"