Young pregnant woman driving

Imagine feeling contractions as you're driving to the hospital, ready to give birth. But suddenly, your water breaks -- while you're still on the highway!

For one mom in Utah, this is exactly what happened. Devi Ostler was driving when she started to feel contractions -- instead of stopping, she decided to keep going to the hospital. But before she could reach it, the labor pains intensified. Reacting quickly, Ostler pulled over and called 911.

"I need to push! The baby is coming!" she told a dispatcher, after her water broke.

Mom and baby (her third child) were then driven to a nearby hospital for evaluation. No name has been given yet, but Ostler met everyone who helped her through the labor, including the 911 dispatcher.

Ostler joins a list of moms who've given birth in unusual places -- and who'll have a great birth story to share with friends and family!

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