By Sherry Huang
March 27, 2015
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Molly Sims and Scott Stuber

Molly Sims, the model-actress, and her husband, movie producer Scott Stuber, welcomed their second child, a daughter named Scarlett May, yesterday. Sims shared her joyous baby announcement -- along with an adorable photo -- on her website and her social media pages:

We welcome Scarlett May Stuber into our family.

Our hearts are bigger with you here.

Scarlett May joins her big brother Brooks Alan, who's 2-years-old. Sims first announced her pregnancy in September, with a super-cute photo of her and Brooks holding chalkboard signs.

Speaking to FitPregnancy in January, Sims opened up about her struggles with breastfeeding, and the possibility of having a vaginal birth after having a C-section the first time. She also praised her husband for his support, "I always knew Scott would be an amazing father and we became a team very early on." She also shared her belief in the importance of setting boundaries as a parent.

In another interview with, Sims talked about her just-released book, The Everyday Supermodel, which offers practical beauty and fashion advice. At the time, Sims didn't know if she was having a boy or girl yet (she later revealed she was having a girl), but she shared her nervousness and anticipation for baby #2, "I hope I love it as much as I love Brooks, but then I never thought I could love Brooks this much. Everyone says another one is a game-changer, but I guess I'm ready. Bring it on. You know? I've waited so long..."

Congratulations to the second-time parents!

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