Every mom's birth story is memorable in its own way, but I'm betting Edita Tracey won't forget hers any time soon.

The Philadelphia mom-to-be was 36 weeks along when she felt a nagging pain in her back. Considering how far along she was, she didn't think much about it -- she figured some discomfort was to be expected. But when the pain shifted to the front of her chest, she immediately called 911, a move that ultimately saved her and her baby's life.

According to ABC News, a CT scan at a nearby hospital revealed that Tracey's aorta was ripping apart, possibly caused by preeclampsia. She was quickly airlifted to another hospital, where two teams of surgeons were waiting: one to perform open-heart surgery, the other to deliver her baby. Since the life-saving procedure required anesthesia, doctors had to remove the baby quickly. Within 30 seconds of going under, Tracey delivered daughter Arabella by C-section. She was a healthy 6 pounds, 12 ounces.

While new dad Ken held his little girl for the first time, the cardiac team was hard at work repairing the foot-long tear in his wife's aorta. The procedure took a whopping nine hours to complete. "The whole night was up and down," he later told his local Fox affiliate, but Tracey pulled through. Now, six weeks later, mom and baby are right where they belong -- at home, healthy and happy. Best wishes to the family and congratulations on your miracle baby!

Tell us: Did you avoid reading about any crazy birth stories before you delivered?

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Image of the Tracey family courtesy of Fox 29 News Philadelphia.