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Meet the Winner of the Parents and Dreft America's Messiest Baby Contest

The proud mom of our new cover star tells us the story behind the contest-winning photo. Plus, see all of our adorable finalists!

Dreft Contest Finalist Winner Camri Ethridge 16 Months Priscilla Gragg
We've found the most adorable messy baby in the country: 16-month-old Camri won our hearts and a spot on our May cover through the Parents and Dreft America's Messiest Baby Contest.

Out of more than 5,000 entries countrywide, 10 beautiful babies won all-expenses paid trips to New York for the grand prize photo shoot. Shameka Ethridge, the mom of our newest cover star, told us about the spaghetti snapshot of Camri that won the contest.

“Honestly, it was a typical day at the house where we're eating and—she's messy. And I literally saw the posting on Facebook," she shared in a press release. "And I said, "Lemme snap this picture.”

Spaghetti might be the messiest food little Camri eats but as any parent knows, toddlers can make chaos out of any snack.

“She also loves to eat cereal, which shouldn't be messy but after she's done with it, she likes to decorate the floor with it,” she told us. “It's a game for her. My sweet baby also picks it up off the floor and puts into the trash as well, though!”

Ethridge, mom to five kids, has learned how to handle a bit of untidiness over the years.

“With my 18-year-old, I changed her clothes every time she got a stain which sometimes meant changing her up to five times per day!” she confessed. “As we had more children, I began to just let them be kids and leverage the tools (water, wipes, and Dreft!) to keep them safe, clean, and comfortable.”

With Camri now a little over 18 months, Ethridge added, “I've definitely perfected this mindset. She may be messy but she's safe, comfortable, and can learn at her pace how to feed herself and enjoy it!”

The proud mama put it simply: “Long story short, let them be kids because they are only kids for a small time.”

Camri may have won our contest, but she wasn't the only adorably messy babe we fell in love with. See all of our precious finalists below:

Layla, 11 months

Dreft Contest Finalist Layla 11 Months Priscilla Gragg

Tori,11 months

Dreft Contest Finalist Tori 11 Months Priscilla Gragg

Ava, 21 months

Dreft Contest Finalist Ava 21 Months Priscilla Gragg

Ishaan, 15 months

Dreft Contest Finalist Ishaan 15 Months Priscilla Gragg

Janette, 18 months

Dreft Contest Finalist Janette 18 Months Priscilla Gragg

Wil, 21 months

Dreft Contest Finalist Wil 21 Months Priscilla Gragg

Isaac, 19 months

Dreft Contest Finalist Isaac 19 Months Priscilla Gragg

Leah, 23 months

Dreft Contest Finalist Leah 23 Months Priscilla Gragg

Jackson, 15 months

Dreft Contest Finalist Jackson 15 Months Priscilla Gragg

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