During Super Bowl 50, the NFL will run a funny-but-touching ad about babies born nine months after a Super Bowl victory.

By Hollee Actman Becker
February 05, 2016
Giants Super Bowl babies
Credit: NFL/YouTube

If you live in Carolina or Denver, you better get ready to score on Sunday night. And we don't mean out on the field.

During Super Bowl 50, the NFL will run a cheeky commercial featuring a bunch of kids who may or may not have been (but probably were) conceived during the celebratory hours after their hometown teams won the Super Bowl.

"Data suggests 9 months after a Super Bowl victory, winning cities see a rise in births," the ad begins. "They're called Super Bowl Babies."

So. Awesome.

Set to the Seal song "Kissed by a Rose," the three-minute spot features groups of kids born as recently as 2014, when the Seattle Seahawks crushed the Denver Broncos, and as long ago as 1967, when the Green Bay Packers took home the win. Decked out in team colors, each posse sings about their conception from signature spots around their respective towns.

For the tiny Giants fans born after the 2008 win, it's a New York rooftop. For the little Colts (2007), a stretch of Indiana pasture. Cowboys fan (consecutive wins in 1993 and 1994) turn up in a Texas BBQ restaurant, and a troupe of 49ers born back in the 80s take over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Sample lyric: "In the end, when our team won, mom and dad looked at each other. One thing led to another that night."

Or in other words: "Our parents totally had sex after the game, you guys!"

"We wanted to do something that stuck with the theme that also captured the excitement of the game," NFL spokesman Dawn Hudson told ESPN.

Mission accomplished. Though I think this little Seahawks fan (a 2013 Super Bowl baby) is none too happy her team didn't make it to the Super Bowl this year:

tiny super bowl baby
Credit: NFL/YouTube

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